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General care of Intermunicipalizados Water Services and Waste Loures and Odivelas - SIMAR

Last update on 29-03-2015

Overall care of SIMAR services, you can perform the following services:

  • Signed a contract and ownership change;
  • Contract termination;
  • Application for interim payment extensions and extensions of budgets;
  • Survey application;
  • Order counter replacement;
  • Order counter measurement;
  • Payment plan request to benefits;
  • Payment of invoices and reconnection of service;
  • Invoice correction request;
  • Reading log informed by the customer;
  • Read check request and counter replacement;
  • Order of diverse information;
  • Make complaints;
  • Activation of bank debt;
  • Sump cleaning application;
  • Tears of participation in public via the picket.

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