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General Secretariat of the Ministry of National Defense

Ministry of National Defense

Last update on 21-03-2011

The Secretariat-General (SG) is responsible for ensuring the technical and administrative support to the offices of members of the Government integrated into the Ministry of National Defense (MDN) and the other organs and services integrated in it, under the centralized procurement and legal technical support and litigation as well, except for the armed forces is concerned, in the fields of management of internal resources, documentation, communication and public relations, while ensuring the financial planning of resources essential to MDN.

In the SG is also responsible, implement an integrated policy for the whole area of information systems (IS) and information and communication technologies (ICT) in the universe of national defense, competing HIM coordinate the IS / ICT and managing IS / ICT management, without prejudice to the allocation to the Armed Forces of the definition of operational and technical requirements, security and management of military command and control systems.

More information about the SG can be found on the website of the Ministry of National Defence .