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Portuguese Institute of Blood and Transplant

Ministry of Health

Last update on 19-01-2015

The Portuguese Institute of Blood and Transplant has skills and regulatory and coordination of Transfusion Medicine responsibilities. The Centers Blood Regional Lisbon, Coimbra and Porto have technical and operational competence of harvesting, processing and distribution of blood with technical supervision, running the regional level to set blood policy.

Its mission:

  • Ensure the availability and accessibility of blood and blood products quality, safe and effective, tailored to the needs of patients, with the best cost / benefit;
  • Protecting respect for ethical principles - honorary and anonymous blood donation - and ensure maximum satisfaction of its purchasers;
  • Develop and monitor the implementation of additional quality standards applicable to the sector, as well as those that are recommended internationally;
  • Set administrative and financial management rules for Blood of Regional Centers and evaluate the use of resources affections;
  • Promote research on blood transfusion and favor the practical adaptation of scientific and technological developments that clearly increment, the application of new technologies validated, security and maximum attainable quality of blood and blood components.