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National Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences

Ministry of Justice

Last update on 27-03-2015

The National Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences (INMLCF) fits in the exercise of their forensic expert assignments, cooperate with the courts, with the prosecution and the criminal police and other services and entities involved in the management system justice, performing examinations and the expertise of legal and forensic medicine that may be requested, under the law, as well as provide them with technical support and laboratory specializing in the scope of its responsibilities.

The INMLCF conduct, as part of those procedural assignments:

  • Medico-legal autopsies, aiming to clarify the cause of death and the circumstances under which this occurred in cases of violent death or from unknown causes, establishing the differential diagnosis between natural death, suicide, homicide and accidents (and others cadaveric testing, for example, forensic anthropology, or for differential diagnosis of the cause of death, or for identification purposes);
  • Exams and skills in people for description and assessment of damage to the body or health, in criminal, civil and labor law;
  • Skills chemical and toxicological laboratory tests for determination of ethanol, medicaments, pesticides, drugs of abuse, carbon monoxide, metals and other products, in biological and non-biological samples;
  • Skills and bacteriological laboratory tests forensic hematology and other organic remains, including biological research tests of membership;
  • Skills and psychiatric and psychological examinations, to evaluate effect of legal and criminal responsibility, of dangerous states, the rights of exercise capacity, and post-traumatic disorders of mental and psychological nature;
  • Examinations and tests of forensic pathology, within the activities of the delegation and the offices that are under its authority, as well as the request of the respective district courts (in Forensic Pathology Service).

It is still operative activity carried out under the justice administration system to generate scientific technical advice for Medico-Legal Council.

The development of training activity, teaching, research and scientific disclosure, the INMLCF fulfills its responsibilities and exercise its powers in collaboration with universities, especially medical schools, with other higher education institutions and research institutions, by entering protocols in the areas of education, training and scientific research in the field of forensic medicine and other forensic sciences.

Collaborates closely in the pre-graduate training and promotes postgraduate training, and performing works and research studies and scientific research, by itself and in collaboration with other entities, also being responsible for the development of medical training activities examiners (physicians the medical career of forensic medicine) and other medical experts, and others aimed at professionals working in the areas of Law, Justice and Health.