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Social Security Institute of Madeira


Last update on 28-11-2014

The Social Security Institute of Madeira (ISSM) is a social security institution governed by the Regional Secretariat for Social and Parliamentary Affairs, which has the nature of personalized service and provides administrative, financial and patrimonial.

Under the unified system of social security in the Autonomous Region of Madeira (RAM), it is the ISSM:

  • Ensure the management of social security schemes;
  • Exercise forms of social action;
  • Take part in the overall plan for Social Security in RAM;
  • Secure funding and the administrative and financial management of the sector in RAM;
  • Implementing the Social Security policy, through a combined and integrated operations contribute to greater cohesion and social justice, ensure more effective management of human, material and financial resources at their disposal, qualitatively improve the response to requests from taxpayers, beneficiaries and other users.