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Financial Management Institute of Social Security

Ministry of Solidarity, Employment and Social Security

Last update on 13-01-2015

The Financial Management Institute of Social Security (IGFSS) is responsible for the unified financial management of economic resources set out in the Budget of Social Security (OSS).

With a strategic positioning transverse character in the Social Security system, IGFSS provides services in different business areas:

  • Budget account and Social Security;
  • Debt management;
  • Real estate;
  • Financial management.

Each of these areas is responsible for:

  • Recover the debt to Social Security through enforced collection, managing the respective debt enforcement proceedings, as well as by other instruments of extraordinary regularization, contributing also to the viability of the companies in difficulties;
  • Manage the properties that make up the real estate assets of the social security of free social and income tax;
  • Develop and monitor the implementation of OSS and produce a Social Security Account, which form the State Budget and the State Accounts;
  • Play the single treasury functions of the social security system, on the receiving side and direct payment to beneficiaries, as well as daily financial supply its institutions and services, while ensuring the rendibilização funds.

More information about IGFSS can be found on the Social Security website .