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Inova - Economic and Social Development Company of Cantanhede

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Last update on 19-01-2015

Inova - Company for Economic and Social Development of Cantanhede was incorporated on April 16, 2002 with the aim of promoting economic and social development of Cantanhede municipality, in an integrated manner in order to improve the quality of life of the population and the administration and the promotion of cultural heritage, urban and landscape of the city.

Inova develops activities in the framework of the Water and Sanitation Management System, Construction and Maintenance of Green Spaces, the Urban Cleaning, Collection and Transport of Municipal Solid Waste Education / Awareness and Environmental Inspection, the Event Services, Organic Farming and Urban Transport.

As a municipal company, Inova's mission is to pursue and complete their statutory object, such as desideratum of compliance with the legal duties of the local authority, the provision of services to ensure continuous customer satisfaction / citizens, contribute to the sustainable development of the Municipality , obtaining results that guarantee their economic viability, even if conditioned to social purposes that the local authority has to proceed and act responsibly towards society in order to create a climate of trust in customers and suppliers.