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The Regional Government


Last update on 07-03-2015

The Azores Regional Government is aware of the Legislative Assembly of the Azores, one of the governing bodies of the Autonomous Region of the Azores.

Executive body of the Region's driving policy and the highest authority of the regional administration, the Regional Government consists of the President and the Regional Secretaries, may include Vice Presidents and Secretaries Regional, and take office before the Legislative Assembly.

The Government is politically responsible to the Legislative Assembly and its President is appointed by the Representative of the Republic, in view of the election results. The members of the Government are appointed and removed by the Representative of the Republic on the proposal of its Chairman.

Within the Government, is the Council of the Government, a mixed structure of collegiality and general policy direction and coordination by the Chair. It is the sole responsibility of the Government on matters concerning its own organization and functioning.

The Government takes the full extent of their powers after parliamentary investiture, what happens with the approval of the Legislative Assembly of his government program.

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