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Last update on 08-07-2013

The Goldenergy - Company Comercializadora de Energia, SA is a supplier of natural gas belonging to DouroGás Group, which is present on the market since May 2008, while respecting the environment, consumers, values ​​and commitments.

The Goldenergy has been growing with the liberalization of the natural gas market in Portugal, according to which consumers will have to spend the Regulated Market to the Free Market.

As part of its activity, the Goldenergy advocates for the protection of the rights and interests of consumers with respect to prices, services and quality of service, the verification of compliance with public service obligations and other legal obligations, regulations and other.

Currently Goldenergy covers the different customer categories: Industry, Services and Home, found in several parts of the country.

More information about the Goldenergy can be found on your website .