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Workshop SAMA2020

Workshop SAMA2020

Last update on 21-06-2015

It takes place today in the Auditorium of LNEG in Lisbon, the SAMA2020 Workshop. This important program aims to equip public administration, central and local means to improve the effectiveness in the administrative modernization.

The workshop, which takes place today, consists of the following program:


09h30 - Reception of the participants

10:00 - Opening

Directing Council of the AMA

Commission Directive of COMPETE2020

10:15 - Presentation of Opening Bulletin Applications SAMA 2020

11:00 - Coffee break

11:15 - Application Submission and presentation of the application form

12:00 - Clarification of doubts

12:30 - Lunch (free)


Presentation of Thematic Operations

14:00 - Capabilities to Regulatory Impact Assessments

14.30 - Service Integration with the Entrepreneur Desk (BDE)

15:00 - Principle Implementation of the "One Time Only" and Accession to the Platform iAP

15:30 - Promote the Provision of Services with Authentication Using Electronics

16:00 - Coffee break

16:15 - Cross-cutting measures of rationalization of ICT

17:00 - Information Security and Information Management Systems

17:30 - Clarification of doubts

18:00 - Closing

Auditorium LNEG - Polo Alfragide
Road Portela
Neighborhood Zambujal
Apartado 7586 - Alfragide
2610-999 Amadora

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