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Site TIC.GOV.PT announces strategic projects in the ICT area

Site TIC.GOV.PT announces strategic projects in the ICT area

Last update on 16-08-2017
The Public Administration has just launched the site TIC.GOV.PT with the aim of communicating to the general public the main projects that are being implemented in the area of ​​Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). This initiative is part of the PGETIC - Strategic Global Plan for Rationalizing and Reducing ICT Costs in Public Administration, created to improve ICT governance through rationalization and cost reduction. The website was presented by the Deputy Minister and Regional Development, Miguel Poiares Maduro, and the Secretary of State for Administrative Modernization, Joaquim Pedro Cardoso da Costa, on April 28, at the INE - National Statistical Institute in Lisbon.
Civil society now has a website where you can learn about the strategic ICT projects implemented by the Portuguese Public Administration, monitor their implementation and know the benefits they can achieve. This initiative responds to one of the main challenges in the ICT sector in Public Administration, which is the communication of the benefits of the measures implemented in this area, in order to increase the efficiency of public services and their improvement in relation to citizens and companies .
The launch of the new website is part of the PGETIC. After three years of execution, the results demonstrate that the role of ICT in Public Administration is structuring and that these should be seen as a pillar to improve the internal functioning of Public Administration and the provision of better and more efficient public services.
Better governance and efficiency
Until 2011 the Portuguese Public Administration had complete freedom to manage and create new information systems. Each public body could autonomously acquire and manage each technological infrastructure, its own information systems, individually contract its communications and create its own departments for the management and maintenance of those systems.
This freedom has led to limitations such as the low integration between different information systems or the existence of redundant resources and investments. An example of this is the survey of ICTs carried out in seven Ministries, which revealed that there are over 6000 technical rooms / CPDs with conditions that are often questionable. As a result, by that time, and until 2011, the ICT budget of the Central Public Administration grew by 75%.
Thus, in 2012, with the aim of promoting better governance and cost reduction through ICT, the PGETIC was created. Through Measure 5 of the program, the Sectorial Action Plans (PAS) were prepared in the Public Administration, in which each ministry identified a set of measures that transposed into their reality the strategic lines included in the PGETIC. Each ministry has internally designed its plan of action, committing itself to concrete measures to achieve it.
The PGETIC is implemented in several other measures, in order to ensure its transversal adoption by the Public Administration. Measure 2 involves the organization and management of the IT function. Measure 6 concerns the prior evaluation of ICT projects and expenditures. Measure 7 and 9 involves the rationalization of communications and unified communications in Public Administration. Measures 8 and 18 aim to share existing public datacenter infrastructures and to use private infrastructures whenever this is more competitive. And Measure 21 seeks to encourage the adoption of public software by the Portuguese Public Administration.
Reported savings of 147 million euros
Three years after its implementation, the results are favorable to the objectives pursued. From the start of the PGETIC until the end of 2014, 130 million Euros of savings were reported by the ministries. In April 2015 the savings reported by the ministries stood at 147 million euros, very close to exceeding the projected targets of 157.8 million euros by 2015.
The prior evaluation of the adequacy of ICT projects and expenditures throughout the Public Administration presented savings for unrealized or unrealized TIC expenditure in the amount of 18 million Euros, since September 2012, through the analysis of a total of 3,997 requests for opinions, which represented An initial expense of 736 million euros.
PGETIC also allowed the negotiation of the main software licensing agreements of the Public Administration and the regulation of Open Standards to be used in Public Administration. The plan allowed the adoption of proposals for strategies and plans to rationalize communications, data centers and cloud computing, among other measures.
By 2016, PGETIC and PAS are estimated to save more than 328 million euros.
Visit the website TIC.GOV.PT at
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