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Citizens' Stores electronic passwords are now available on the Citizen's Map

Citizens' Stores electronic passwords are now available on the Citizen's Map

Last update on 19-11-2015
The Citizen Map application, developed by the Agency for Administrative Modernization, (AMA), now allows for the taking of electronic passwords for Citizen's Stores.
Get online via mobile devices (smartphones and tablets), passwords for all services available at any of the 35 Stores.
Since its launch, the Citizen Map has already provided information on waiting queues, namely, the password in attendance, the number of people waiting and the waiting time of the last password for each entity present in the Stores.
The application, launched in June 2015, is available via the internet for iOS, Windows and Android devices.
It also provides information on all places of public administration, including hospitals, police stations, financial offices, conservatories, Citizen's Spaces, as well as other locations where public administration is present. You can also know the distance, the best route, the hours of operation and what documentation is required, costs and legal deadlines for any service of the 7,000 georeferenced points of service.
This is an important innovation that allows greater comfort to the citizens and speeds up the realization of the various services.
Learn more on the Citizen Map page.
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