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Sátão already has a Citizen's Shop

Sátão already has a Citizen's Shop

Last update on 16-10-2017
The Citizen Store of Sátão was inaugurated this Friday, October 13, by the Minister of the Presidency and Administrative Modernization, Maria Manuel Leitão Marques, the Assistant Secretary of State and Administrative Modernization, Graça Fonseca, and the President of the City Hall of Sátão, Alexandre Manuel Mendonça Vaz.
The Citizen Store of Sátão is the result of a partnership between the Municipal Council of Sátão and the Government, through the Agency for Administrative Modernization, having concentrated in the same space several services of the central administration, namely Social Security, Civil, Real Estate and Commercial and Tax Authority, also having Citizen Space.
It is located in Dr. Hilário de Almeida Pereira street no. 27, in the old facilities of the GNR, next to the Municipal Library.

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