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Territorial portrait of Portugal in 2013

Territorial portrait of Portugal in 2013

Last update on 29-07-2015

The INE publishes, in 2015, the 4th edition of the Territorial Portrait of Portugal which analyzes territorial dynamics centered in the fields territorial Qualification, Quality of life Growth and cohesion and Competitiveness and that in this publication focus, respectively, on the themes: "The relevant territorial nomenclatures in the context of the National Statistical System, Educational paths in the Portuguese regions and the competitiveness and internationalization in Portuguese regions".

Do you know that:

  • In all NUTS II regions decreased early withdrawal fee of education and training but none reached the average EU-28;
  • In every continent of the NUTS II regions increased the proportion of workers with unskilled jobs with qualifications at secondary or tertiary level;
  • The stronger orientation to foreign markets was common to all NUTS II regions a decrease in the context of the country's business volume;
  • The structuring of the Portuguese territory with the new NUTS (2013 version) realized a decrease of 30 to 25 NUTS III and the change of name of the NUTS II Lisbon to Lisbon Metropolitan Area.

The Territorial Portrait of Portugal (biennial publication) aims at presenting an analytical perspective, the territorial basis of statistical information provided by the National Statistical System. This publication focuses on the statistical sources associated with the Regional Statistical Yearbooks, using temporal comparisons in order to capture structural paths that differentiate territories.

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