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Criminal Register Online went live

Criminal Register Online went live

Last update on 31-07-2016
It is now possible to apply for the online criminal record certificate. The request to issue the document (negative or positive) is made, in a simple, convenient and fast, through an electronic platform.
Citizens will be able to request and obtain the criminal record in a totally dematerialized form, at any time and without needing to move.
To request a certificate of criminal record, simply access the Online Criminal Register Portal and authenticate yourself in one of two ways:
  • Citizen Card (authentication using pin);
  • Digital mobile key (alternative means for authentication using mobile phone or e-mail).
Adhesion to the digital mobile key can be via online - if you are a Portuguese citizen, with your Citizen Card after authentication - or by the person at a service desk (Espaço Cidadão) - if you are a Portuguese or foreign citizen, with your card Of identification.
Contrary to what has hitherto occurred, the applicant will only have to request the document and make the payment once only, provided that the purpose for which it was requested is the same. This certificate will have an access code that can be used for consultation, as often as necessary, by the person or another to whom the code has been made available.
In addition to the advantages of simplicity, convenience and speed, this will allow significant paper savings. It is estimated that for 800,000 criminal record applications per year for individuals, it will be possible to save 1.6 million sheets of paper.
No less important will be the impact at the level of decongestion of the service stations, namely of the secretaries of the courts, with the consequent release of human resources. In the context of the diagnostic analysis of the Tribunal +, a pilot project taking place in the Central Section of the Sintra Nucleus, it is possible to verify that:
  • 35% of the users who move to the central section intend to request a criminal record;
  • 4-6 minutes is the average duration for issuing criminal records (for national and foreign citizens, respectively) in face-to-face service;
  • 41% of citizens (estimate) may prefer online issuance, thus saving face-to-face travel and associated costs;
  • Approximately 1.66h / day (estimate) of the daily working time of an employee may be devoted to tasks other than the issuance of criminal records.
The certificate of criminal record is, among other purposes, a document of mandatory presentation for the exercise of any profession or public activity whose exercise involves regular contact with minors, as is the case of teachers.
To expedite the procedure, the Ministry of Justice has signed a protocol with the Ministry of Education that will permit the issuance of certificates of criminal record for this purpose by the director of the Grouping of Schools / Non-Grouped Schools, provided prior express voluntary authorization is given By itself. However, these workers should not resort to the Online Criminal Register service now available to the general public, and should await further information from the Directorate General of School Administration.
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