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National network promotes participatory authorities

National network promotes participatory authorities

Last update on 07-03-2015

Promote the development of participatory democracy at the local level is the goal of Participatory Local Authorities Network (RAP) recently created by various public and private entities.

The RAP came under the project "Portugal participates - Paths to Innovation Societal" and had its start in the 1st Conference Portugal participate, the December 3, 2014, through the workshop "Local Authorities Network Shared: the start of a process" .

At the site of the network on the internet is that it intends to assert itself as a collaborative structure that brings together all the Portuguese authorities committed to the development of participatory democracy at the local level, with the involvement of elected s, technicians and citizens.

Also part of the objectives of this initiative, facilitate the exchange of experiences, promote the training of the various actors, create an updated information system and strengthen transparent public management.

For 2015 is expected to sign a Collaboration Protocol by local authorities wishing to join formally the RAP without aina set date. However, the accession process will be permanently open to new members interested in joining the network.

The initiative is coordinated by the Association In Loco and its partner organizations the Social Studies Center at the University of Coimbra Municipalities of Cascais, Beja and Porto. It is supported by the program "Active Citizenship", managed by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.

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