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Portugal has, as of today, 301 Citizen Spaces

Portugal has, as of today, 301 Citizen Spaces

Last update on 11-08-2015

The Agency for Administrative Modernisation, IP, in partnership with CTT, opened today 103 Citizen spaces. The complementary service network to the Citizen Shops passes thus to rely on 301 Citizen Spaces: these 103 join the 24 already operating in Shops CTT on a pilot basis and 174 open in town halls or Parish Councils resulting from the partnership that the Government has developed with the municipalities.

This network, which is already available 170 services, tends to broaden its offering and presence in the territory. Are already filed with further 550 Citizen Spaces Municipalities and by the end of the year, the partnership with CTT will result in the opening of 73 new spaces. Regarding the number of public services available in these digital service counters witnessed, he will come very soon to 200.

More than 170 services in one place, closer to you.

Meet this and other Citizen Spaces in the Citizen Portal and the Citizen's Map .

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