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 Portugal again prominent in providing public services online

Portugal again prominent in providing public services online

Last update on 16-08-2017
Portugal maintains a leading position in the provision of online public services to citizens and businesses, according to the European e-Government Benchmark of the European Commission.
The "European e-Government Benchmark" is an annual reference study that seeks to assess the performance of member states in online service to citizens and businesses. Portugal stands out in the important indicators "Citizen Centered Service", "IT Facilitators" and "Transparency".
This year's report, recently released, presents a new order of classification of countries, depending on the level of maturity of the electronic services provided, in turn organized by "life events". Portugal, in the classification between countries, is part of the "Builders" group, which corresponds to countries with high levels of digitization (usability, ease of use, speed, among others) and an average level of penetration (dissemination, accessibility, among others ).
Portugal achieved second place in the indicator "Citizen Centered Service", with 91%, one point higher than the previous year and immediately behind Malta. The same increase was recorded in the "Transparency" indicator, with 72%, corresponding to the third position, after Malta and Estonia.
At the level of "Key Enablers", Portugal reached a third place with 86%. Authentication such as the Citizen's Card, the Digital Mobile Key or the availability of services in the Public Administration Interoperability Platform (iAP) proved to be decisive contributions.
In the "Transborder Mobility" indicator, Portugal occupies the 10th place with 73% and in "Services Provided to Citizens" the 18th place with 39% (compared to a European average of 43%), an increase of 7% over the previous year.
National Life Events continue to have a prominent place at the European level
In the "Creation of a Company" life event, based largely on the evaluation of the Entrepreneur's Desk, made available by the Citizen's Portal, Portugal achieves a prominent position along with Malta and Austria, presenting values ​​of 100% online availability and usability of 85%.
In the "Loss and Job Search" life event, focusing mainly on the NetEmprego Portal, 100% results were obtained in the online availability indicator and 75% in the usability indicator. The best results were achieved by Portugal, Malta, Estonia, Finland and Austria.
Finally, in the "Estudar" life event, 100% results were obtained in the online availability indicator and 80% in the usability indicator. With the Portal of Access to Higher Education of the DGES in focus, Portugal even reached the top position in the online availability indicator with a value of 100%.
The results achieved by Portugal in this study are a recognition of the continuous work of the various bodies of the Portuguese Public Administration in improving their services and processes, as well as the strategy and mission of the Agency for Administrative Modernization, I.P. (AMA) in the role of national coordinator.
AMA coordinates European e-Government Benchmark at national level
As an entity that ensures the national and international representation of Portugal at the level of Electronic Government, AMA is the entity responsible for monitoring the development of the Benchmark in the national panorama and providing the necessary support to the European Commission and the national entities involved, which include:
  • ANSR - National Association of Road Safety;
  • AT - Tax Authority;
  • DGAJ - General Direction of the Administration of Justice;
  • DGES - General Directorate of Higher Education;
  • DGPJ - General Direction of Justice Policy;
  • IAPMEI - Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation;
  • IEFP - Employment and Vocational Training Institute;
  • IGFEJ - Institute of Financial Management and Justice Equipment;
  • IISS - Institute of Informatics of Social Security;
  • IMT - Institute of Mobility and Transport;
  • IRN - Institute of Registries and Notaries;
  • SEF - Aliens and Borders Service;
  • SG MAI - General Secretariat of the Ministry of Internal Administration;
Additional information on the European e-Government Benchmark Report can be found.
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