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Portugal 2016

Portugal 2016

Last update on 30-11-2017
Statistics Portugal makes available a publication that synthesizes relevant features about the structures that make up the demographic, social and economic system of Portugal. The publication is divided into the following parts:
  • Population framework;
  • Socio-economic framework (labour force, employment and unemployment, income and living conditions of household, education and health);
  • Economic activity (enterprises, international trade, national accounts, prices and general government).
Throughout the text, an analysis on the evolution of indicators portraying Portugal from 1990 to 2016 is made, sometimes compared with the evolution of the European Union. This publication, as well as the statistical data supporting the analysis and the graphs presented, is available in .PDF, .XLSX and .CSV format, and may be accessed and exported on Statistics Portugal’s portal.
Also available an interactive edition.
Date: 30/11/2017
Source: Statistics Portugal

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