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Portal Municipal Transparency updated data for 2014

Portal Municipal Transparency updated data for 2014

Last update on 12-03-2015
The Municipal Transparency Portal , created to promote transparency and the quality of municipal management in Portugal, already provides information relating to 2014 on financial and administrative management of municipalities. Launched in July 2014, this portal is an initiative of the Government, and is managed by DGAL - General Directorate of Local Authorities in partnership with the AMA - Agency for Administrative Modernisation.
The Municipal Transparency Portal provides citizens data social, financial and budget of each municipality, such as the amount of taxes collected and what the debt per capita. The goal is to help the Portuguese best know the reality of the management of their municipalities.
The portal are made available more than 100 indicators for the management of 308 municipalities, adding data so far dispersed in different public databases. The technological infrastructure on which was developed with support from the AMA. The data that feed the Transparency Portal are housed in the National Portal of open data, , which is also the responsibility of the AMA. These data are thus available for reuse by any citizen or organization.
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