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Participation of AMA in the Conference organized by APDSI -

Participation of AMA in the Conference organized by APDSI - "Building the Public Administration of the Future"

Last update on 19-05-2016
On 18 May, the Conference "Building Public Administration - Participation, Innovation and Governance" was held at the ISCAD - Lisbon Higher Institute of Management Sciences Auditorium. The session had the presentation of three distinct panels: participation, innovation and governance in the PA.
AMA's President, Pedro Silva Dias, was a speaker at this conference on the governance panel that focused on the issue of change management, measurement of results and communication.
The Conference also had the presence of the Assistant Secretary of State and Administrative Modernization, Graça Fonseca, who, at the close of this conference, made the Simplex + Program's point of view a more participatory and service-centered approach to PA reform The public.
For more information on other panels, the presentations are available for consultation at the official conference website.
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