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Payments to Social Security by Multibanco

Payments to Social Security by Multibanco

Last update on 08-03-2016

Paying for Social Security is simple and fast!


Social Security gives you the possibility to pay by multi-bank the contributions of self-employed, domestic service, voluntary social insurance and the return of amounts of benefits unduly paid.
The contributions of self-employed workers, domestic workers and persons covered by voluntary social insurance must be paid by the 20th of each month.
See the explanatory videos and learn how to make these payments:
In the case of the return of amounts of benefits wrongly paid by Social Security this can be done in two ways: you can pay everything in one installment within 30 days or pay in installment plans.
Please see the video explaining how to make a refund of undue payments:
Source: Instituto de Segurança Social, I.P.
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