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New electronic services available at the Entrepreneur's Desk (BdE)

New electronic services available at the Entrepreneur's Desk (BdE)

Last update on 10-11-2017
Beginning November 10, 2017, the Entrepreneur's Desk will provide new services, which aim through the simulation to provide entrepreneurs with generic information about their obligations in the scope of their activities. Thus, through the characterization of the establishment and the activity that is developed, it is possible to verify which legal and regulatory obligations are generally applicable and whether these are being complied with.
Consult the Technical File of Inspection and go to the option "Perform Service" to simulate the specific conditions of your establishment taking into account that the simulator is of general orientation and does not dispense the consultation of the applicable legislation, as well as documentation of existing support, namely Guides Applicable Sectors.
  • Technical Inspection Sheet - Alcohol;
  • Technical Inspection Sheet - Working conditions;
  • Technical File of Inspection - Contributions and Taxes;
  • Technical File of Supervision - Copyright;
  • Technical File of Inspection - Book of complaints;
  • Technical Inspection Sheet - Amusement machines;
  • Inspection Technical File - Private security;
  • Technical File of Inspection - Social Security;
  • Technical File of Surveillance - Video Surveillance;
  • Inspection Technical File - Classification of shows;
  • Technical File of Inspection - Opening hours;
  • Technical File of Inspection - Infrastructures and Facilities;
  • Technical File of Supervision - Games of Fortune, Chance and Related Modalities;
  • Technical File of Surveillance - Noise;
  • Technical File of Surveillance - Tobacco.

More information at the Entrepreneur's Desk.

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