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New service in Direct Social Security - Current Position

New service in Direct Social Security - Current Position

Last update on 15-02-2017
Now you can check your Current Position with Social Security and check the amounts you have to pay and / or receive.
This consultation presents an aggregate, quick, simple and objective view of the amounts to be received, to be returned, to pay and in agreement or in a plan.
To consult the "Current Position" go to Social Security Direct and in the tab "Current Account" choose the option "Current Position", where you can consult the following information:
  • Amounts receivable from Social Security;
  • Values ​​you did not receive from Social Security;
  • Amounts you have to return to Social Security;
  • Fines and costs payable to Social Security;
  • Debts in tax execution;
  • Values ​​in agreement or benefit plan;
  • Contributions payable to Social Security and issue the payment document.
For more information you have the detailed step-by-step, which you can also access through Direct Social Security in the "Help" menu.
If you have not joined Social Security Direct, just ask for your password and register.
By joining Social Security Direct you will be able to enjoy a free set of features without having to go to Face-to-face Answering Services.
Date: 02-15-2017
Source: Instituto de Segurança Social, I.P.
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