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ADSE modernization

ADSE modernization

Last update on 12-04-2017
Decree-Law no. 7/2017, of January 9th, has been published that transforms the Directorate General of Social Protection of Public Employees (ADSE) into a new entity, becoming the Public Institute for Participated Management, abbreviated as ADSE, IP A new legal figure that will maintain, however, the bases and principles that guide the performance of this entity since April 27, 1963.
This change, in January 2017, comes with the commitment and design of the new organization, that is, to significantly improve the performance of ADSE, IP, with a focus on debureaucratization of procedures and dematerialization, seeking to improve the relationship and supply of Services to the Beneficiaries.
For the sustainability of the system, it is fundamental to ensure the permanent alignment between the needs of the Beneficiaries and the provision of quality services by the ADSE, IP, so that in the course of 2017, we will substantially strengthen new forms of communication with the Beneficiaries, based essentially on models Of digital communication, assuming a primordial relief the Portal ADSE, IP.
The ADSE I.P., will do more and grow more its universe of Beneficiaries. We believe that it is in the growth and dynamic and assertive expansion that we can have new hope in the future of this social protection system.
The new ADSE, now as Public Institute of Participated Management, counts on you and with your collaboration.
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