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Citizen's Map celebrates 1st anniversary

Citizen's Map celebrates 1st anniversary

Last update on 05-06-2016
The Citizen Map celebrated its first anniversary on June 8. Since its entry into operation this platform has already had more than 60 thousand downloads and more than 20 thousand electronic passwords have been withdrawn.
The Citizen Map is launched by the Agency for Administrative Modernization (AMA), the Citizen Map is an available platform for mobile devices (Smartphones and Tablets) iOS, Windows and Android, which provides information on all places of service of the Public Administration, namely hospitals , Police stations, financial offices, conservatories, shops and Citizen's Spaces.
This platform provides information on distance, the best route, hours of operation and what documentation, costs and legal deadlines for any service of about 7,000 georeferenced points of service.
The Citizen Map also allows you to take electronic passwords for any service from each of the 40 Citizen's Stores, to know the number of people waiting or the waiting time of the last password.
For more information, see Citizen Map and Citizen Portal.
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