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Justice launches digital point of access to services, information and statistics

Justice launches digital point of access to services, information and statistics

Last update on 23-08-2017 is one of the central measures of the Justice Plan more closely


The Ministry of Justice provides, as of today, the new Digital Platform Justice, accessible via, which brings together for the first time and in one place, different areas, thematic and Justice services (Courts Registrations, Reinsertion and Prison Services, Industrial Property, Legal Medicine or Criminal Investigation), in a total of more than 60 available service sheets and more than 120 indicators and statistics.
Through this new single digital access point are still available features geared to the needs and demands of citizens, such as simulators that, intuitively, allow to calculate rates of Justice or tn jle costs associated with home buying records.
The websites of the different agencies and entities of the Ministry of Justice also receive new pages, with a common platform that allows better sharing and availability of content, news, statistics or documents. With the launch, the new websites of the National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI) and the Institute of Financial Management and Equipment of Justice (IGFEJ) are now available. It is envisaged that the remaining pages will be progressively migrated.
This is a strategic move in the digital transformation field of justice and that is part of the Modernization and Transformation Plan of Action, Closest Justice, launched in March 2016, and includes more than 130 measures, of which 45 have been completed and 47 are ongoing.
Through it is easier to access directly to the request and query the Criminal Records Online, consult the Executive Process or Digital Certificate Electronics, measures that are part of the plan and already available.
Transparency and Participation
The platform also includes an area focused on an Open Governance model - partilha.justiç, based on good international practices and which promotes 3 fundamental axes:
  1. Transparency, with the availability of information and statistics in an open format and in the different areas of Justice, which initially includes 120 Justice indicators including georeferenced indicators and 13 thematic notebooks aggregated;
  2. Participation in a policy of promoting greater collaboration in government action;
  3. Community, in the creation of instruments and tools that allow the connection to scientific, academic and business communities through the reuse of open data.
Launch in a methodology of progressive improvement - Beta
Like the international strategies and good practices of launching projects with this typology, the launch of the platform will occur gradually in Beta, that is, in a model of continuous improvement. This is an approach similar to that used in the UK with the platform; Or New Zealand, which enables faster introduction of new features and enhancements of the current ones, with more use of user feedback.
Through a set of tools, metrics, analyzes, questionnaires, it will be possible to know permanently the use of the portal, which are the greatest difficulties, in order to allow a faster and continuous improvement in services, contents and information.
Citizen-centered approach
The development of this work took place over 8 months and included organizations, officials and justice agents, who worked on a model focused on the needs of the Citizen, in the Companies, in the agents of Justice.
The objective of the platform is therefore oriented to a search and obtain information and realization of online services in a simpler, clear and understandable way for the user, in a standard format and language. In this way, it is intended not only to provide services on the Internet, but also to guarantee effective use by citizens.
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