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The Single Environmental Licensing Platform (LUA) is now available

The Single Environmental Licensing Platform (LUA) is now available

Last update on 09-11-2015

The launch of the LUA platform - Single Licensing for the Environment - was held at the Portuguese Environment Agency.


This session was chaired by the Minister of the Environment, Spatial Planning and Energy, Jorge Moreira da Silva, and was attended by the Secretary of State Assistant and Administrative Modernization, Gonçalo Saraiva Matias, Secretary of State for the Environment, Paulo Lemos, Of Energy, Artur Trindade, Spatial Planning and Nature Conservation, Miguel de Castro Neto. Also present were the President of the Portuguese Environment Agency, Nuno Lacasta, host of this session, and the President of the Agency for Administrative Modernization, Pedro Silva Dias.
Jorge Moreira da Silva had the opportunity to congratulate himself for the accomplishment of this important reform, announced in May, both for the vast environmental benefit involved, and for the competitiveness that it ensures for our economy. At the time, it called for a wide dissemination of this platform, recognized among European partners, among economic agents and the population.
The LUA platform also ensures articulation and interoperability with the Responsible Industry System (SIR), whose development and operation is the responsibility of the Agency for Administrative Modernization (AMA). This integration and articulation will allow a harmonization of several procedures, currently dispersed, and will be ensured through the electronic platform Integrated Environmental Licensing System (SILiAmb).
LUA represents an innovative approach to environmental licensing and is now available to all interested parties through SILiAmb on the APA website.
Access the platform presentation video here.
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