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INE publishes 25 years of analysis in

INE publishes 25 years of analysis in "Portugal 2015"

Last update on 07-03-2017
The National Institute of Statistics has published a publication that synthesizes about 25 years of the numbers of Portugal, with reference to the year 2015, accompanied by an analysis of the evolution of the Portuguese Demography, Economy and Society, including comparisons with the European Union, for some Indicators.
In this publication you can find conclusions such as:
By 2015, marriages accounted for about 51.0% of those celebrated in 2000 (45.2% of the 1990 figure). However, in 2015 there was an increase (2.9%) in the number of marriages, which was not recorded 24 years ago.
The decline in the fertility rate in adolescence has been maintained since 2000. This year the rate stood at 21.9 ‰, reaching a rate of 8.4 ‰ in 2015.
The downward trend in employment between 2009 and 2013 (average rates was -2.8%) was reversed in 2014 and 2015, a year of increases of 1.6% and 1.1% Respectively. Despite these increases, previous successive failures led to lower employment levels than in 1998.
 This publication, as well as the statistical information that supports the analysis and the graphs presented, is available in PDF, XLSX and CSV format, and can be consulted and exported on the INE portal.
Date: 03-07-2017
Source: National Statistics Institute
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