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INE provides Public Use File

INE provides Public Use File

Last update on 31-05-2015

Aiming to meet the needs of users access more detailed information, the INE has prepared some files with the observation unit information - the Public Use File (PUF).


The Public Use File (PUF) are files in which the risk of identification of respondents is nil or very low. The PUF refer to individual statistical data on natural and legal persons and are made available free on the internet, often without restrictions on access to information.

These freely accessible files data and without confidentiality issues (data and metadata) contain anonymised records, processed and prepared in a way that the observation unit can’t be identified directly or indirectly. They are free and are according to the principle of statistical confidentiality and personal data protection. Access to PUF is made ​​on INE Portal page and implies the prior acceptance of the conditions of use.

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