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Index of well-being in Portugal 2004 - 2015

Index of well-being in Portugal 2004 - 2015

Last update on 15-11-2016
The National Institute of Statistics (INE) presents the main results of the fourth edition of the study "Welfare Index for Portugal", which is based on 2004 (2004 = 100). This study is based on a methodology defined by a number of international organizations, notably the OECD and Eurostat, implemented by several Statistical Institutes. The now released Index analyzes the period 2004 - 2015, integrating preliminary results for 2015.
The Welfare Index (IBE) observes the evolution of the population's well-being, using two synthetic indexes that translate two perspectives of analysis: 'Material conditions of life' and 'Quality of life'.
These two indices, which are part of the IBE, have evolved generally in opposite directions, with the first showing a decreasing trend, and the second one presenting an increasing tendency; From the beginning of 2013 began an evolution in the same direction: the improvement of well-being in Portugal.
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