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Government launches Citizen Map

Government launches Citizen Map

Last update on 01-06-2015

The Government launches Monday, June 8, the map Citizen , an available Web platform in Smartphones and Tablets that provides information on public services.

Unloading the application to your phone, citizens can, for example, know the nearest service to the Citizen Card, the contact and opening hours. More: can, in real time, interact with the system of care used in the Citizen Shops, in order to know how many people are waiting, that password is being called at that moment and how long waited the last person to be served. Very soon, the same tool will allow you to take a password and control the service from a distance.

The Map Citizen is presented to the press on Monday by the Deputy Minister and Regional Development, Miguel Poiares Maduro, also relying on the State Secretary for Administrative Modernisation, Joaquim Pedro Cardoso da Costa, and the Agency's President Administrative Modernisation (AMA), Pedro Silva Dias.

The platform development was in charge of the AMA, with all the information available service locations in reusable formats in the national open data portal - .

Discover the map Citizen - Simpler, closer .

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