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Taxpayer Manager: For effective and efficient monitoring of the taxpayer relationship

Taxpayer Manager: For effective and efficient monitoring of the taxpayer relationship

Last update on 02-02-2017
Strengthening the administrative capacity of the system in the context of its contribution role is a permanent concern. The realization of this goal inevitably involves the development of appropriate mechanisms of greater proximity to taxpayers.
Hence, priority should be given to the reformulation of the model of follow-up of taxpayers who - according to certain factors such as the volume of contributions declared and the number of employees - place specific demands on the management of the relationship with social security and Are therefore considered to be strategic.
In this context, the role of the Taxpayer Manager plays a key role. With its integration into a structure directly dependent on the ISS Board, I.P., its action will have a national scope, not being limited to the territorial territorial scope, as it is so far.
It has a proactive role in the effective and efficient follow-up of the contribution relationship, which is decisive for increasing levels of tax compliance and, simultaneously, for improving the relationship of these taxpayers to the system. The reinforcement of the Taxpayer Manager's autonomy and ability to act is therefore instrumental in achieving, as intended, higher levels of quality in the service provided and, at the same time, obtaining better results in terms of collection.
With the new vision, the Taxpayer Manager will gain a new strategic relevance, both internally and externally. It is intended that the face of the ISS, I. P. before the taxpayer and, as well, the facilitating agent of the entire relationship through a personalized attendance at the contributory level.
This will be a reality already from the beginning of the month of February.
Date: 1-02-2017
Source: Instituto de Segurança Social, I.P.
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