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Became operational this week seven new Citizen Spaces

Became operational this week seven new Citizen Spaces

Last update on 16-07-2015

These new branches, resulting from a partnership between the Agency for Administrative Modernisation and municipalities of Torre de Moncorvo, Trofa, Vila de Rei and Vila Nova de Famalicão, bring citizens of these places numerous services of central and local administration.

The seven new Citizen spaces opened in the following locations: Torre de Moncorvo, Coronado, in Trofa, Vila de Rei and founded, Vila de Rei of parishes and, finally, in the parishes of Calendar, Riba de Ave and Stream, in the municipality of Vila Nova de Famalicão.

The Citizen Space is a new assisted service model, closer to the populations, which brings together internet services of several public bodies at a single point of physical access, which functions as an extension of Citizen Shops.

These new Citizen Space can, for example, request the issuance of driving licenses, deliver ADSE expenses, deal with issues relating to employment and vocational training, make the change of address in the Citizen Card, request the European Health Insurance Card and many others.

More than 170 services in one place, closer to you.

Meet this and other Citizen Spaces in the Citizen Portal and the Citizen's Map .

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