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Defense of Industrial Property highlighted during Web Summit

Defense of Industrial Property highlighted during Web Summit

Last update on 02-11-2017
The Ministry of Justice has approved, under the 2017 Web Summit, a temporary exemption and fee reduction scheme of the National Institute of Industrial Property, which provides for a 50% discount for applications for design or patent registration during the event and also the exemption of Industrial Property fees for Portuguese companies integrated in the "Alpha Program" of the Web Summit (program for startups in the pre-investment phase).
These measures are intended to increase the awareness of businesses and entrepreneurs of the need to safeguard their industrial property rights.
Currently in Portugal, around 130 applications for design protection, 65 applications for inventions and 1900 applications for trademarks are submitted monthly. Portugal is one of the European countries with the highest number of registered marks per citizen. It is also important to continue the efforts that have been made to promote and streamline the registration of design and patents.
Still in the continuity of the industrial property promotion actions, INPI will launch, in January 2018, the invitation to submit applications for the first National Inventor of the Year Award - 2018, focused on Ecotechnology, Health and Information Technology, reinforcing the bet on the work of patents in these strategic sectors for national development.
These measures are inserted in the reinforcement of the contribution of the different areas of the organization of the Ministry of Justice, in view of sustained economic growth, through the resumption of business investment and the relaunch of the Portuguese economy. Examples are the measures associated with the Capitalize Program, but also simplification measures included in the Justice Plus and Simplex.
The Minister of Justice will visit the Web Summit on November 8 at 11.30 to meet the startups and present some of the news in the area of ​​Justice in the simplification and promotion of business development.

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