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Satellite account - Social Economy - 2013

Satellite account - Social Economy - 2013

Last update on 20-12-2016
The National Institute of Statistics (INE) announces the second edition of the Social Economy Satellite Account (CSES), on the International Human Solidarity Day (December 20), for 2013.
This new CSES presents results consistent with the 2011 Base of Portuguese National Accounts. The project was developed by INE in partnership with CASES - Cooperativa António Sérgio for the Social Economy, following the conclusion of a collaboration protocol between both entities.
In 2013, the Social Economy represented 2.8% of national GVA, 5.2% of total employment and 6.0% of paid employment. The remuneration paid by the Social Economy constituted 5.2% of the total remuneration, corresponding to the average remuneration in this sector to 86.4% of the average remuneration in the Economy as a whole.
Available here.
Date: 12-20-2016
Source: National Statistics Institute
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