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COMPETE 2020 and AMA celebrate a delegation of competences agreement under Portugal 2020

COMPETE 2020 and AMA celebrate a delegation of competences agreement under Portugal 2020

Last update on 16-08-2017
The signing ceremony took place on September 14. Professor Rui Vinhas da Silva, Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Thematic Operational Program for Competitiveness and Internationalization, and Engineer Pedro Silva Dias, President of the Directing Council of the Agency for Administrative Modernization, I.P.
Under this agreement, AMA, I.P. Assumes management skills as an intermediate body in the management of the ERDF and the ESF, in the period 2014-2020, in the field of "Competitiveness and Internationalization" of Portugal 2020.
This System of Support for Modernization and Training of Public Administration (SAMA2020) aims to support operations that contribute to the pursuit of the thematic objectives and investment priorities in improving access to ICT, as well as its use and quality, through:
Public Administration Modernization Projects that focus on strengthening ICT applications in e-Government, e-learning, e-inclusion, e-culture and e-health;
Public Administration Training and Training Programs with strengthening the institutional capacity of public authorities and stakeholders and the efficiency of Public Administration in order to reform, better legislate and govern well.
In this context there are already two insolvency proceedings, whose analysis of applications and monitoring is already assured by AMA, I.P.
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