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Digital Mobile receives key distinction of Exame Informática

Digital Mobile receives key distinction of Exame Informática

Last update on 28-04-2015

The Digital Mobile Key solution (CMD), developed by the AMA - Agency for Administrative Modernisation, IP, has just been awarded an honorable mention by the publication Exame Informática. CMD is an initiative that according to this publication facilitates the authentication of all citizens in the state services.

The Exame Informática Awards aim to distinguish innovative projects in Portugal in the areas of Technology and Science. The award ceremony of the honorable mentions and awards took place on April 27, in Building St. Francis de Sales, in Oeiras.

The CMD solution, implemented by the AMA, received an honorable distinction in the Internet category. The competition includes 11 categories ranging from innovation to the Best National Brand. The awards are given for writing the examination Informatics, except Personality prize that is set by an independent jury.

CMD is a simple and secure means of authentication of citizens and businesses in the portals and sites of Public Administration on the Internet, through the use of a computer, smartphone or tablet and a code sent by SMS or email.

With the CMD citizens can access online public services and authenticate electronic documents by entering your civil identification number or passport, the keyword and the numeric code sent by SMS (Short Message Service) or email.

WADA is responsible for the management and security of the technological infrastructure of the CMD. The Ordinance No. 189/2014 complements the Law No. 37/2014, which established the CMD as an alternative and voluntary system of authentication of citizens in portals and websites of public administration.

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