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Letter of principles SIMPLEX +

Letter of principles SIMPLEX +

Last update on 01-07-2017
SIMPLEX +, in addition to bringing together measures aimed at providing simpler, more efficient and faster services, also aims to foster a new culture in the relationship between citizens, businesses and the state.
We want to promote a culture of exigency and quality, based on principles and rights, with a view to more and better citizenship:
  • Resolve at a single time and monitor, in a single point of contact, your affairs related to public administration;
  • Access public services without moving;
  • Get documents in a single click;
  • Give information to the State only once;
  • Easily access public information;
  • Authenticate to the State at a distance, in a simple and safe way;
  • Schedule meetings and obtain remote attendance passwords;
  • Solve even more issues in Citizen Spaces.
For more information, refer to the SIMPLEX + Principles Letter or download the document.
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