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Campaign to publicize the Solidarity Supplement for the Elderly

Campaign to publicize the Solidarity Supplement for the Elderly

Last update on 15-11-2016
In the context of the Solidarity Supplement for the Elderly (CSI), a publicity and sensitization campaign was drawn up, whose beneficiaries are beneficiaries of old-age, low-income or low-income pension, and their families.
The objective of the campaign is to disclose information about who can benefit from the benefit, the access rules, the documents required and the places where the application can be presented, but also to inform that CSI beneficiaries are entitled, in addition to the monthly retirement supplement , To Additional Health Benefits and to the Social Electricity and Natural Gas Tariff.
The campaign begins on November 11 and runs for the next 3 weeks on television, radio and the press.
A telephone line is available for clarification on CSI, number 300 513 131, which will run from Monday to Friday between 09:00 and 17:00.
* This initiative stems from the recommendation to the Government contained in Resolution of the Assembly of the Republic No. 156/2016, approved on July 7, 2016, to carry out a public campaign to publicize the Solidarity Supplement for the Elderly.
Please consult and consult the Practical Guide.
Get to know the poster and the flyer related to the campaign.
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