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Marking Service at the National Pension Center

Marking Service at the National Pension Center

Last update on 07-03-2017
As of March 1, the General Service (personalized service) of the Information Service of the National Pension Center, at Entrecampos Street, 57 R / c, starts to function by prior appointment.
In this sense, citizens should mark their service through the Social Security portal, enabling the marking of the service in a convenient way and without associated costs for the citizen. You can also call the phone number 300 502 502 from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., and schedule in advance the most convenient day and time.
This service allows citizens the convenience of being served at the date and time previously scheduled, without having to remain in waiting queues. The Social Security Institute already has 110 services that provide the service by appointment.
The National Pension Center maintains the deferred service that consists of the delivery of documents in own envelopes, accessible in the attendance services, that must be deposited in boxes of delivery of existing documents for the purpose, being these documents later collected and treated by the teams Of backoffice.
In addition to the personalized service by appointment, the National Pension Center has service for delivery of documents and a qualified screening, through which you can mark your service, receive forms or obtain the envelope for quick delivery of documents (deferred service ).
These measures, coupled with the recent reinforcement of human resources in the information service of the National Pension Center, aims to mitigate the high and constant demand for this service and is one of the measures included in the Strategic Plan for Social Security Assistance for 2017.
This Plan aims to improve the quality of the Social Security relationship with citizens and companies and aims to increase the Social Security response capacity and the quality of the information provided, as well as create better working conditions for employees.
Date: 01-03-2017
Source: Instituto de Segurança Social, I.P.
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