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Exclusive service by appointment in the services of the Social Security Setubal Citizen Shops and Pinhal Novo

Exclusive service by appointment in the services of the Social Security Setubal Citizen Shops and Pinhal Novo

Last update on 26-04-2015

From the 4th of May, the Citizen Shop of Setúbal, located in Av Bento Gonçalves, 30-D, and in Pinhal Novo Citizen's Shop, located in Praça da Independência - Municipal Market Building, the service passes to be made ​​exclusively by appointment.

Citizens can start booking from April 24, on the Social Security website, in the "The Social Security / Service by appointment "or through the Social Security Line: 300 502 502, weekdays from 9:00 to 17:00, and schedule the attendance for the day and the most convenient time.

The pre-appointment system enables citizens to be served with convenience at the date and time previously scheduled, without having to stay in queues. Therefore, the Social Security Institute has extended the service appointment system in various services nationwide with proven citizens’ satisfaction.

The implementation of the service by appointment in the Social Security Institute services aims to humanize and optimize services, reducing waiting and increasing efficiency in responsiveness.

Please note that the Setúbal Customer Service, located in Praça da República, and Customer services of Almada, Barreiro, Montijo, Amora-Seixal and Sesimbra also already have appointment system, along with the Costumer Service without appointment. Please note that, since December 2012, the Service of the Costumer Service of Baixa da Banheira - Moita works exclusively by pre-appointment.

The Social Security Institute already has 55 services that provide service by pre-appointment and in process of enlargement to more locations. The number of tags has been increasing considerably throughout the country.

In the year 2014, and until December 31, it was made 160,556 ​​ services by appointment, 152 276 by telephone and 8280 online. Specifically in the district of Setúbal, were made ​​a total of 18,607 services by appointment, 17 684 by telephone and 923 online.

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