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E-SENS General Assembly in Lisbon

E-SENS General Assembly in Lisbon

Last update on 16-08-2017
The meetings of the e-SENS General Assembly will be held on 19 and 20 October at the Foz Palace in Lisbon.
The inaugural session was chaired by the President of the Agency for Administrative Modernization, Pedro Silva Dias.
The AMA - Agency for Administrative Modernization, I.P. Is the coordinating body for Portuguese participation in e-SENS and represents the national consortium in the international General Assembly of the project.
The e-SENS project is an initiative aimed at boosting the implementation of cross-border public services within the European Union and promoting the development of the digital single market.
Co-funded by the European Commission, the e-SENS project consists of 22 beneficiaries - subdivided into 18 European Union countries, plus Norway and Turkey, and two organizations, comprising more than 100 partners in 20 European countries.
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