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AMA organizes 2nd Open Data Workshop

AMA organizes 2nd Open Data Workshop

Last update on 06-11-2015
The 2nd Open Data Workshop - Open and Linked Data, at the Noble Hall of the National Statistics Institute (INE), Lisbon, will be held today, November 6th.
This workshop addresses issues related to Open and Open Data Management, focusing on concepts and potentialities such as Linked Data and Semantic Web, and presents the status of strategic projects such as the evolution of the national portal -
The aim of this initiative is to raise awareness of the importance of the availability of quality data in the national and European context.
The main module of the workshop is given by Michiel de Keyzer, Manager at PwC, responsible for various Open Data, Interoperability and ICT initiatives at European level.
  • Open Administration in Portugal: Path to Innovation, Manuel Ricou - Member of the Board of Directors AMA.
  • Open and Linked Data Support, Michiel de Keyzer, PwC IT Manager.
  • The Linked Open Government Data Lifecycle, Michiel de Keyzer, PwC IT Manager.
  • 2.0, Team of Projects and Innovation, AMA.
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