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New electronic service available at Entrepreneur's Desk

New electronic service available at Entrepreneur's Desk

Last update on 03-01-2017
The approximation of justice to the population has taken another step with the opening of 20 courts closed in 2014, materializing the changes introduced in the Law of the Organization of the Judicial System, which target two fundamental segments: criminal trials and the jurisdiction of family and minors.
With the objective of facilitating the population's access to the essentials of the judicial offer and combating desertification in the interior, four Generic Jurisdiction Courts, 43 Proximity Courts and seven Family and Juvenile Judgments have been created.
Of the previous 27 proximity sections, four are converted into a Generic Jurisdiction Court and 23 go to Proximity Court adding to the 20 now reactivated.
In total, there are 43 Proximity Courts that have a broader jurisdictional jurisdiction, henceforth requiring the imposition of judgments on the jurisdiction of a single court (ie, whose maximum sentence applies not more than five years in prison).
In these courts of proximity, witnesses or other procedural acts may also be held, in particular using electronic communication equipment at a distance.
With the changes, also changes the nomenclature. The Courts of Shares are now deployed in Judgments of Generic Competence, Specialized Competence and Proximity.
The Judges are designated by the name of the Municipality in which they are installed and by the powers attributed to them. Magistrates are identified as holders or exercising functions in courts.
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