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The OECD published on best practices directory Innovation Observatory in the Public Sector, the Citizen Spaces project

The OECD published on best practices directory Innovation Observatory in the Public Sector, the Citizen Spaces project

Last update on 23-06-2015
This publication highlights the innovative aspects and benefits that Citizen Spaces network brings citizens and public administration, namely: the proximity of the advantages resulting from the efficient distribution of branches throughout the country; encouraging digital inclusion, since the services are based on solutions already available on the Internet and accompany citizens through the support provided by a qualified and certified staff, demonstrating, through a monitor the whole process of realization of services , allowing in the future, the realization of those autonomously services; various partnerships with public, the central and local government, and private (that CTT is an important partner), both of facility sharing as the sharing of human resources and provide for the provision of services to citizens.

In Citizen Spaces are available over 170 services of various agencies. These counters allow address issues related to the driving license, perform services of the Direct Social Security, request a new password or building book before the Tax Authority to Order certificate (civil, commercial or land), present costs from the ADSE, address issues relating to employment and vocational training, change the address on the citizen card and request the European health insurance card, among others.

This project aims to increase the quality of public service delivery and complements the successful experience of the Citizen Shops as contact point between citizens and the Administration.

It should be noted also that disclosure of Citizen spaces reinforces the reference to good practice in the Portuguese public sector and that adds to several others already published by the OECD, that AMA, IP is also responsible.

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