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Public administration in one place on the Internet - The new Citizen Portal is now online

Public administration in one place on the Internet - The new Citizen Portal is now online

Last update on 03-03-2015
Simpler, more intuitive and more accessible
Citizens and entrepreneurs will now have a new point of access to services provided by the public authorities on the internet. The new Citizen's Portal, developed by AMA - Agency for Administrative Modernisation, now part of the portals of the Citizen and Business, a single platform optimized for different fixed and mobile devices.
Evolution takes place 10 years after the launch of the Citizen's Portal, and aims to facilitate the relationship between citizens and businesses to the state. The portal is assumed as the point of Public Administration on the Internet reference, allowing access to various electronic services and information of interest to citizens and businesses.
One of the main innovations is the search engine that occupies a prominent place right on the homepage. Navigation starts to focus on this research tool that simplifies access to services and content of the Public Administration. A simple search lets you know what services can be performed online, from a database of more than 1500 options to choose from.
Simple and accessible anywhere
In the navigation simplicity joins greater speed and accessibility. Assisted search features allow you to easily find the information sought and access directly to the implementation of online services. Alternatively, citizens and businesses also have explanatory guides with useful information, structured in steps or stages.
The new layout provides a more intuitive navigation, focused on the most popular services to facilitate access to content, whether through research, guides or listings services. Also favored the use of a simple color scheme, with an appealing iconography.
The new Citizen Portal design is also optimized for mobile devices, making it far more accessible via smartphones and tablets.
More enterprising and participatory
With the new portal, entrepreneurs also have their life easier. Merging the Citizen portals and Company fails to make the distinction, often unclear, between a citizen and a businessman. Thousands of users visiting the Company Portal every day, are now finding the services to which acceded in in the Entrepreneur Desk area that became part of the new Citizen's Portal.
Entrepreneurs can access the services of the public administration related to business activity, such as starting a business, registering a mark, get certificates or access the Zero Licensing platforms, System Responsible Industry, and other related licensing economic activities.
The growing importance of social networks is reflected in the new Citizen's Portal. Content sharing in the major social networks becomes an integrated feature on the site, but the interaction with the users does not stop there. In order to contribute to a more efficient public administration, citizens and businesses have the option to rate and comment on the available services.
For more information on the operation and the services available in the Citizen's Portal, contact the Contact Center of the Citizen by telephone helpline 707 24 11 07 or email .
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