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Phase 3: Rejection of the Monthly Statement of Remuneration with Errors

Phase 3: Rejection of the Monthly Statement of Remuneration with Errors

Last update on 01-08-2016
As of September 1, 2016
In the context of the delivery and validation of the statement of remuneration in Social Security Direct, the Institute of Social Security will start the third phase of the process of rejecting the statement of remuneration that presents errors in filling it.
In this third phase, which runs from 1 to 10 September with the delivery of the statement of remuneration for the month of August, statements will not be accepted that, when submitted, present the following errors:
  • DS50: The contributory rate declared by the employer for the employee is different from that of the Social Security Information System;
  • DS23: The sum of the remuneration is different from the total of the declared remunerations.
If the Entity Employee detects the existence of the error DS50 already in the sending of the DR in August should trigger the following procedures during the current month, to be able to submit of the declaration of remunerations in the month of September without constraints:
  1. You should check the worker's existing rate in the Social Security System by going to "Employment / Admission and Cessation of Workers / Consult Workers":
  2. If the rate indicated in the August salary statement is correct, but has been notified of a DS50 error, contact the Social Security services via the (where "District" is The competent district center, according to the geographical location of the company's headquarters), since the correction of these rates requires prior intervention by the Social Security services.
For more information see the step-by-step instructions available in Direct Social Security in the "Help" menu:
In addition to this typology of error, the filling errors corresponding to the first and second rejection phases initiated in May and June will continue to be rejected with the delivery of the statements of remuneration referring to the months of April and May, namely:
  • Establishment of the employer is already closed (DS31);
  • The sum of the remuneration of Members of statutory bodies exceeds 12 times the national minimum wage, for remunerations with reference to 2014.01 (DS41);
  • Delivery of Declaration of remuneration in the same month for correction of elements included in the declaration already submitted for the same reference year / month (DS45);
  • The number of days declared for workers with part-time or very short-term or intermittent employment contracts has a decimal value other than half-day (0.5) (DS52);
  • There is already a statement of remuneration equal to what you intend to deliver (DS33);
  • The employee is not tied to the employer or the employee has an anomaly (DS35);
  • Already there is remuneration of the same nature for the same employee (DS36);
  • Differences of remuneration were declared for the worker without there being base remuneration that supports them (DS37);
  • Indication of negative values ​​and / or days without positive values ​​and / or days that support them (DS38).
To learn how to correct the errors presented and submit their Remuneration Statement, see the step-by-step instructions for troubleshooting.
You can also see the step-by-step guide available in Direct Social Security in the "Help" menu.
For more information see the Practical Guide on "Delivery and Rejection of the Monthly Remuneration Statement".
You can also contact the National Employers Support Line through no. 300 513 000, working days from 09:00 to 18:00.
Source: Instituto de Segurança Social, I.P.
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