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EDP ​​- Energias de Portugal

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Last update on 02-05-2018

EDP ​​- Energias de Portugal, SA is among the major operators of Europe's electricity sector. This is the only group in the electricity sector of the Iberian Peninsula with production and distribution activities in both countries and is present in the electricity sectors in Latin America, Africa and Macao, in the business of production, distribution and marketing.

EDP ​​- Energias de Portugal, SA ensures the production, distribution and sale of electricity in Portugal.

The EDP is among the major European operators in the electricity sector and is one of the largest Portuguese business groups. The quality, modernization, competence, work and respect for social and environmental values ​​are the public service foundation that we are trusted and have known fulfill. The five million customers we serve, betting heavily on the simplification and streamlining of procedures associated with their needs, certify us as a reference entity in the Portuguese business panorama.