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Regional Tax Affairs Directorate


Last update on 26-11-2014

The Regional Directorate for Taxation, hereinafter referred to by DRAF, the service is the direct administration of the Autonomous Region of Madeira, referred to paragraph a) of paragraph 6 of Article 5 of the Regional Regulatory Decree No. 4 / 2012 / M, of April 9, as amended by Decree No. 4/2014 / M of 14 March, which is responsible for ensuring and managing income taxes, on spending, on consumption, on the heritage and other legally prescribed taxes and implement policies and fiscal guidelines set by the Regional Government of Madeira, in tax matters to exercise within the Autonomous Region of Madeira, in accordance with Articles 140 and 141 Law No. 130/99 of August 1, particularly settlement and collection of taxes that constitute the Region revenue.